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this is getting old

a diary of a mom


Image is a photo of Brooke on the Boycott Autism Speaks Facebook page holding a sign that she and I made together. I wrote the text in purple at Brooke’s request, and Brooke wrote “Thank You” and “Boycott Autism Speaks” by herself in pink. She is wearing the t-shirt that she happened to be wearing on the day that we took the photo. It reads, “I love being me.”
Text of the sign reads, “We try to explain to Autism Speaks why their words hurt us. They won’t listen. If you want to support autistic people like me, please help places like ASAN, the Arc and local autism service organizations and NOT the ones who claim to speak for us without listening. Thank you.

I’ve started this post three times so far. I’ve deleted every word of every false start.

I’m probably too angry to write. I should…

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